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ATP9000-Miniature VIS-, NIF Imaging spectroradiometer
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ATP9000-Miniature VIS-, NIF Imaging spectroradiometer


ATP9000 is smart size, light weight, miniature imaging spectroradiometer, and it's especially applied to drones. ATP9000 employs high spatial resolution, high frequency spectrum resolution, wide imaging range etc.ATP9000 consists of two parts, one part is imaging camera lens, the other part is hyperspectral spectroradiometer. In particular, hyperspectral spectroradiometer employs convex grating technology and good aberration characteristics.

ATP9000 employs 1920X1080 pixels high-performance imaging components. With crisp imaging, few image noise, integrated unique image compression algorithms, resulting in drone endurance has been greatly improved up to 3 hours.


Wavelength range:400-1000nm

Hyperspectral resolution: 3nm

Broad FOV:1.2 mrad

High imaging performance

Powerful image compression algorithms

Compact size:300mm x 60mm x60mm

Light weight:1440g

Non-mechanical scan, high reliability


Geology and mineral resource investigation

Accurate evaluation of agriculture, plant growth and yield

Monitor forest pests and diseases and fire prevention

Monitor coastline and marine environment

Lawn productivity and lawn monitoring

Lake and  river environment monitoring

Remote sensing teaching and research

Meteorology research

Eco environmental protection and mine environment monitoring

Water quality detection, soil monitoring

Agricultural and animal products

        Military, defense and homeland safety


Data interface
Memory space
500 GB
Image resolution
1920 X 1080
Power supply
12V , 5W
300mm x 60mm x60mm

Operating temp
-10 ~ 40
Storage temp
-20 ~ 65
Operating humidity
< 85% RH

Optical parametersAvailable in custom parameters

Frequency spectrum range
400-1000 nm (Available in custom range)
Frequency spectrum resolution
Frequency spectrum channels
360 (addable)
Spectral curve
Frequency spectrum distortion
Telescope EFL
Spatial resolution @3km
Scan width @3km
Slit width
20 μm
System numerical aperture
Optical path
Full reflective lens

Detecting range
200-1100 nm
Effective pixels
1920 X 1080
Dynamic range
69 dB
Bit depth
12 bit
Scan rate

Application gallery

  • Fig 1 drone suspension load experiment
  • Fig 2 Field experiment scene 1
  • Fig 3 Field experiment scene 2
  • Fig 4 Field experiment scene 3
  • Fig 5 Field experiment scene 4
  • Fig 6 Field experiment scene 5

  • 1.1 Mineral exploration application:

    1.2 Plant growth application

    1.3 Forest and wood condition assessment application

    Applied to monitor disease and pest, and assess forest resource.

    Principle: Plant condition relates to greenness index, leave surface index, leave water content and light use efficiency.

    1.4 Forest fire prevention application

    Ignition possibility analysis, recognize ignition range and burning point.

    Principle: plant ignition possibility relates to greenness index, canopy water content, drought, carbon attenuation not caused by photosynthesis.

    1.4  Medical microscope imaging spectroradiometer application

    Objective:Online detection in the tumor operation and navigation and positioningmptp

    Medical microscope imaging spectroradiometer optical path schematic diagram

    Figure shows medical microscope imaging spectroradiometer schematic diagram, target to be measured on the operation table goes through objective, microlens sets, then it is divided into three paths, one path is observed with eyes by surgery doctor, the second path is received and detected by imaging spectroradiometer generated by motor, and the target is spatially scanned to obtain spectrum imaging data, and goes through data analysis and  imaging processing, and finally displays on screen to be seen by the doctor.

    Medical microscope imaging spectroradiometer figure

    Data collected by medical microscope imaging spectroradiometer

    1.5 Airborne imaging spectroscopy application

    Objective: Airborne remote sensing

    Application: Figure shows airborne imaging spectroradiometer cosists of SpecVIEW-VIS, stable platform and POS modules.Fig 7 and Fig 8 show data was collected while drone was flying over Jinmen,Hubei province,China in December,2014. Fig 7 shows pseudocolor image processed through geometric correction,flight strip spice and radiatation correction. Fig 8 shows typical geology spectral curve.

    Airborne remote sensing application

    Airborne application data-pseudocolor image

    Airborne application data-spectral curve

  • Fig 7 Forest remote sensing, Airbone hyperspectral monitor forest disease and pest

  • Fig 8 water creature detectionplankton,alga,plant research
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