—  Application Categories  —
—Industrial Measurement—
—Environmental Protection—
—Food Safety—
—Public Safety—
—Scientific Research—
—Gemstones Identification—
Raman Spectrometer
Modular Spectrometers
Hyper-spectral imager\    Field Spec
  • Raman System
    Portable Raman
    Handheld Raman
    Raman Microscope
    Raman Teaching
    473 nm
    532 nm
    633 nm
    785 nm
    830 nm
    1064 nm
  • Modular Spectrometers
    High performance-price-ratio
    NIR spectrometers
    Mini Spectrometers
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Hyper-spectral Imager/Field Spec
  • Area Scan Cameras
    Binocular Cameras
    Other Cameras
    SWIR Cameras
    UV Cameras
    Scientific Cameras
    Microscope Cameras
    Intelligent Monitoring System
    VIS,NIR Cameras
  • Spectral Solution
  • Light Sources
  • Fluorescence Spectrometers
  • LIBS
    Portable LIBS
    Handheld LIBS
  • Sampling Accessories
    Optic Fiber
    Integrating Sphere
    Reflection Integrating Sphere
    Irradiance Integrating Sphere
    Collimating Mirrors
  • Gas Analyzer
  • Optical Power Meter
  • Detector/Modules
  • Others
Fluorescence Spectrometer
Light Sources
—  Products Line  —

Optosky Photonics Inc. was founded by international experts in spectrometers, they were committed to developing leading international spectrometers, technology innovation, application and promotion. We work closely with research institutes such as Xiamen University,Zhejiang University and Chinese Academic of Science etc. We have realized multiple series of spectrometers and Raman spectrometers research and industrialization. Our products have been widely applied to many fields including industrial measurement, food safety, public safety, Environmental protection, scientific research and gemstones identification etc.

  • "The major researchinstrumentation program" contractor granted by ministry of science andtechnology of China.

  • "The major industrialization program“ contractor granted by state oceanic administration of China.

  • China national standards drafter for Raman spectrometer

  • Audit expert for local standards for portable Raman spectrometer in Fujian province of China

  • "Double Hundreds Talent Program“ and The highest A-level key program introduced by Xiamen government.

  • Leading Raman spectrometers, fiber optic spectrometers provider

  • High performance and reliability originated from production technologies of aerospace or communication.

  • Agilent quality control system management

  • Fast capabilities to designand make samples, receive OEM/Custom development

  • Intern base for Xiamenuniversity, Jimei University and XiamenUniversity of Technology.

KW: High sensitivity, high resolution
KW: High scanning rate(>1Kfps)
KW: Enhanced, high sensitivity
KW: Fully-automated, Mapping
KW: High sensitivity
KW: High sensitivity
KW: Enhanced,high sensitivity
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